Olycale designer radiator

The Art of heating

Olycale art designer radiator :
Heat your room with a unique style.

Olycale Stone

Olycale radiators are crafted in Olycale® stone: a natural stone from the French Pyrenees. It provides an amazing radiant heat and a greater comfort. Learn more…

» ROSSO 2 model

An environmentally friendly materialThe Olycale Stone
Greater comfortRadiant & mass heat effect

The thermal mass of Olycale stone allows an even distribution of the heat. It releases enveloping radiant heat, even and consistent, maintaining a constant room temperature for greater comfort.

Energy efficientRadiant heat at low temperature.

No sound or ``brass air``. Just a perfect heater. Cinier Olycale art heater.


The Cinier Olycale radiator can be supply in electric version (120V ) or for hydronic installation.

Hydronic For installation with a boiler.

In Hydronic, Olycale radiator can substitute standart steel or cast iron radiator. The Olycale heaters are also perfect for new hydronic installation (with boiler).

Electric Easy to place.

In Electric, you need just a plug (120V) to heat your room with a unique style. The Cinier Olycale electric heaters are perfect : - To provide comfortable warmth to rooms like the bathroom, sun room or the entrance of the house. - They can also provide extra heat for homes equipped with floor heating or standart central air conditionning: for example in a living room near the sofa, in an office or in the master bedroom.

Each Oylcale heater is individually signed and thus a unique piece of art. These beautiful designer heaters from  CINIER will not only keep you warm during cold winter, but will also become a luxury accessorie for your interior decor.

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