edo lt

Designed by JOHANNE CINIER | Cinier LT Collection

EDO Wall Sconce.

During the day, the LT EDO wall sconce is a decorative fixture.
At night, it is illuminated with 600 LED lights.

There are several ways to enjoy the fixture and create the desired ambiance:
For the LT EDO with white LEDs, the remote control operates simultaneously the frame and the centre
panel in Olycale® stone.
It can be set to automatically change the intensity of the lit frame by simply using the remote control.
For the LT EDO with white LEDs and frame with colour LEDs, a wall switch/dimmer needs to be installed to
operate the white LED’s behind the centre stone panel.
The remote control provided only turns on and controls the colour cycle on the frame.
The remote changes the intensity of the light from 0 to 100%, there is a lighting program where the light
increases on the frame then decreases and increases again, the speed of the cycle is also adjustable.

For the same output, the LT EDO saves 75% energy compared to a standard lighting fixture.

Weight: 10.5 kg-23 lbs in white or 10.9 kg-24 lbs in colour.
Height: 41” / 104 cm
Width: 16-1/2” / 42 cm
Frame: Black or white colour

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