Acerca de Cinier

Creation & technical excellence

Specialized in the design & the manufacturing of contemporary radiators,
CINIER products lines are characterized by a very high level of craftsmanship and design making the CINIER company the industry leader in the Art of Heating.

Technical excellence, comfort and style are the values of the family owned company since 1975.
Each radiator is a piece of art where one can appreciate the hand done patina completed in the CINIER workshops.

The technology developed by CINIER offers an exceptional heating comfort making their products lines the most energy efficient heating systems in the market place.

Being surrounded by beauty is a way of living.
Everyone has his vision.
The most important thing is to make sense.

Historical milestones

1975: Founded by Michel Cinier in 1975, the company was initially an Hvac contractor.

1980: In addition to the Hvac operations, invention of the first hydronic radiators installed inside the walls.

1982/83: Development of custom heating & cooling solutions for the wines of Bordeaux. Award of the trophy for product innovation at the Sitivi international Fair.

1983-1990: Material research for a new concept of radiator offering a more radiant, confortable and aestetic heating solution. Partnership with the French Engineer school « Ecole d’Ingénieurs des Mines d’Ales ».

1990: Manufacturing of the first radiator in Olycale stone with the hydronic technology offering decorative & artistic designs.

1994: First electric version of the Cinier radiator

1999: Stephane Cinier joins the company to expand the distribution network.

2001 & 2002: Award of the Oscar for product innovation using the Olycale stone in the Cinier radiator (Interclima & Expotherm tradeshow).

2002: Sale of the Hvac company started in 1975 and beginning of Cinier export sales in Europe and in Russia.

2006: Johanne Cinier, fashion designer for Givenchy in Paris joins the company to develop the « Piece unique » collection.

2007-2009: research & development to invent a more ecological, efficient and aesthetic heating & cooling product: the Greenor fan coil.

2010: world patent P.C.T of the new Greenor fan coil product. Launch of the product on the French, Swiss, Norvegian market.

2011: February: official launch of the Greenor fan coil in Russia (Aquatherm Moscow show) and in Germany (ISH show).

2012: UL 1995 and CSA C22.2 No. 236- Standard for Safety Heating and Cooling Equipment in the Nord American market- for the GREENOR Fan coil unit.