Mire Vertigo

Contemporary Led Mire Vertigo lighting

Make It Big !

New LT LED lighting MIRE Vertigo by Cinier.

Height: 4 m /12 ft

The best lighting fixtures for a unique design.

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Made in France

Powerful indirect lighting
Art & LightingDuring the day Cinier LT offers a unique piece of art that is sublimated in the evening with 600 high-performance leds.
Optimised power consumptionUp to 75% power consumption reduction

Achieving a 75% power consumption reduction and with a long operational life spam, the Cinier LT Wall Light guaranties a light power between 3000 and 4600 lumen (equivalent to 400W) for an input power of 40 to 100W. 24V DC – Mains Voltage. Requires earth connection (24V low voltage built-in transformer included).

Several ways to release the light and achieve the desired ambiance: White, subtle and minimalist or versatile in an array of colors