Saint Germain

The ST GERMAIN cast iron radiator comes in 2 designs: smooth surface or inlaid motif. It is very well suited for any remodeling project of an existing hydronic system such as in historical buildings or buildings registered with our national heritage.
The design of this radiator is unique and timeless, cast iron radiators are known to deliver an outstanding heating output while offering a comfort of heat in any room where they are installed.

The ST GERMAIN model has a very streamlined design with bold lines, a sort of rounded rectangle with 2 feet and no decoration on the smooth surface version.
With a total height just shy of 25-1/4″/64cm the ST GERMAIN radiator fits in most of the niches designed for heating elements, making it a product widely used.
His unique design always catches the discerning eye bringing a well appreciated design element in any room where it is installed.

Quality of manufacture
Heat capacitycast-iron, a material which rhymes with comfort.
Stylish finishA very rich history

Belle Epoque radiators are true objects of classical design and create a comfortable atmosphere, timeless.