Highly decorative & reversible architectural fan coils.

A complete work of art


Top energy-efficient heating & cooling fan coil technology.

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Summer comfortCooling

A constant flow of cool air for a draft-free cooling comfort. Eco-friendly with refrigerent-free liquid.

Winter comfortHeating

The Greenor® fan coil saves energy while optimizing low-temperature heating systems (water at 50°C/ 122°F) operating with heat pumps using renewable energy or condensing boilers. Its unique concept offers comfort, high-end design and top-efficiency.

4-1/2'' THICK
Thinnest wall mount fan coil.
Very low noise
The most quiet fan coil, 14 db
High end comfort
The most comfortable fan coil

Specs :

Dimensions : 1900 x 540 mm – 74-3/4” x 21-1/4”

Weight : 51 to 58 kg – 122 lbs

Fan motor’s average energy consumption: 10 W

3 speeds for manual or automatic ventilation

Power supply:120 Volts

Heat energy output with inlet water at 75°C/ 167°F: 3740 W-12761 Btu/h Heating output with inlet water at 50°C/122°F (low temp.): 2040 W-6961Btu/h

Cooling capacity with inlet water at 7°C/44°F : 1600 W-5460 Btu/h

Eco-friendly water circulation (refrigerant-free)

Very quiet (14 dB at a distance of 1m – 39’’ from the device).

No sensation of draft : the airflow is distributed over a perimeter of 16.1 feet around the high-quality steel frame.

A warm radiant front panel in Olycale® stone allows greater comfort and higher energyefficiency.

Easy to maintain:  4 High-performance filters can be cleaned in less than 10 seconds

High quality materials: Copper tube of the heat exchanger lined with aluminium band. Electronic control. 8 low voltage EBM-Papst fans. a 3-way bypass valve included.

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